The Winter Salon – Candid Arts Galleries – December 2018


In December 2018 I took the opportunity to show three of my paintings made in Tenby of that year. It was great to finally get some of my new plein air paintings up on a wall for people to see and fitting that I can celebrate my transference to painting proper in the same year that I exhibited my 2017 plein air drawings

There was a nice turnout at the Candid Arts Galleries as-well

‘Tenby stacks’ – Acrylic on canvas board (42 x 30 cm) – 2018

In this scene we see the view of Tenby from the hill as an almost impossible patchwork stack. Painted at 10am through a light fog the colour of the buildings still pushes through relentlessly.  Painted on location Tenby – Wales (2018)

‘Brilliant light’ – Acrylic on canvas board (42 x 30 cm) – 2018

South beach was raw that day as the wind swept across it at low tide.  I wanted to capture and expose the true beauty of the Welsh elements.

‘Landmark’ – Acrylic on canvas board (42 x 30 cm) – 2018

An iconic Tenby landmark, where there is so much to examine and represent.  I puzzled for a time at the tide levels and as a result shifted the rock to the right of the frame to paint the left waterline.   The beach to the left slopes downwards and my perception of the level of the rock with the waterline was so perplexing I decided to block the colours, leaving a thin horizon line between water and sky.

Painting the rock itself I hopped and skipped my brush over the light and dark created by the warm light and shifted this through to the cold of the rocks cave.  The cave is significant in the sense that this is where children hide from parents and explore.  There is a freedom in that cold light that I have perhaps now left in adulthood.

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