Miss Me – Acrylic on canvas board (40 x 30 cm)

Landscapes and scenes

This boat has been present in Aberystwyth harbour from when I first lived there (2000) until when I returned to paint it (2018).  It is etched in my memory as unaged.  I have many photos of it, taken from my undergraduate life through to the present and it feels as if its a question from Aberystwyth itself but it’s more likely a command.

Whilst painting on location people always stop to talk to you.  During this sitting a group of walkers stopped and asked if I was commissioned to paint the boat.  On replying no I was told that it was in owned by an retired nurse who’s belated husband had owned it and that she had never wanted to remove it.  These are the wonderful splatters of existence that painting on location provide and what started as a study of form became something else entirely.  

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