Sketchbook – Life drawing Candid arts (June 20th 2019)

Life Drawing and Painting

The last time I went life drawing feels like an age from now. Whilst back in London in June for a few days I popped into candid (Tuesday) to get in a spot of life drawing. It had been ages and I was without my paints this time so I just relaxed with charcoal. During the final pose I alternated between two angles and ended up dancing very differently on each one

1> I started with this front view. I initially spent 5 mins working very angular. I had no inspiration for flow (often a personal problem I have with very slim models) so I resorted to move to a foreshortened view on the other side of the room

2> From a foreshortened view I had more room for flow. Choosing to work on shadow and shape I found interesting areas in the right foot and the positioning of the knee. I also added the models comfortably cushions. Which are lost in the first view.  I can this imagine is quite hard to ascertain if you are not told what it is

1> with some time left I moved back to the first position. With my mind already settled on the relief that I have completed something I like I decided to continue with this abrasive approach the view in front of me. Finally I began to understand that the composition required the umbrella, so I added it albeit in a very bold descriptive way

Hoop in the dusk – Candid Art lifedrawing (04/04/2019)

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Standing in the dusk – The longer pose painting from Candidarts Arts lifedrawing last night. Most of all I wanted to capture the blue of the dusk in the windows behind him so I started there. The yellow hoop was clearly a blessing, given my chosen canvas shape. I’m overhaul happy with this blessing of a composition. Perfect time to end the circle series, for now. There doesn’t seem to be any circle canvas boards left in the shops anyway 

Life Circle – Candid Arts Trust – 20/02/2019

Life Drawing and Painting

The life circle this week was of the dynamic Andrew Crawford. I also fitted in the time to include a fellow painter to add to the composition. (Acrylic on Canvasboard)

Also below see the quick(ish) poses.

Life Circle – Candid Arts Trust – 06/02/2019

Life Drawing and Painting

Yearning for comfort – Yesterday’s life circle. Better viewed under low light because I inadvertently got myself trapped in the studio dark spot. The pose really lent itself to the circle. That hunch flowed around to the stick, which segments the image. I’m happy with the sense of fragility in this painting

Life circle 2 – Candid Arts 23/01/2018

Life Drawing and Painting

Wednesdays long pose at Candid Arts Trusts. I laid in a wet acrylic medium, trying to emulate The London Art Academy lesson from the night before. The application of strokes made for a messy undertaking. Think I preferred the half way though progress over the final piece. Working life this definitely gave a different feel BUT felt too much like regression SO I’ll be going back to control next week 😉

Two different oil application studies from life

Life Drawing and Painting

Life square from the first session at The London Art Academy. The left was a 40 min where we were encouraged to apply with thick and bold paint and the left was a 30 min where we were encouraged to paint wet with solvent and very thinly. I applied too much oil unfortunately and wanted to get the ghostly feel that so many of the rest of the class achieved. All in all it was a good investigation into the use of thick and thin paint application.

Candid Arts – Life Circle 1 – 16/01/2018

Life Drawing and Painting

My life square painting was a circle at Candid Arts trust in the 16th of Jan 2018. There was some great guidance from the host/tutor Dolph on working the tone up and on the curtain in the background. Finally some depth! Great causal pose as well, credits due.

Candid Arts – life square – 09012018

Life Drawing and Painting

Yesterday’s life square. Went ok. Need to work hard on my midtones still. Need to give it some more work but glad I zoomed in better this time. Man it was crowded in there though.

Sugar Magnolia – Life Squared

Life Drawing and Painting

Life drawing from back in Sept 2018. This was a great pose. Made from life at Candid Arts, London.