Sketchbook – Impossibly bright en France – oil pastel on paper

Landscapes and scenes, Pleinair

You’ll have to take my word for it but blimey it was bright.  Dazzled by the brightness of the light and the almost complete removal of colour here I sat to tackle it in oil pastel.  I have a problem I wish to address when it comes to bright light and colour.  Although the bushes here are clearly green too often, I find myself over using colour. In this sketch I battled through the heat and light to represent what I saw I probably went too far the other way.  It’s a useful study, despite the final piece being somewhat uninteresting in composition.

Sketchbook – Vitosha oil pastel study

Landscapes and scenes, Landscapes and scenes, Pleinair

A quick oil pastel from the balcony on a Sunday afternoon. I’m lucky to have Vitosha as a subject at anytime

Sketchbook – Atop Vitosha (oil pastel on paper)

Landscapes and scenes, Landscapes and scenes, Pleinair

Atop Vitosha this one afternoon a few weeks ago. Rocks from a distance are a struggle of mine. I was burnt to a crisp during this sitting. It’s a great temp for Sennelier oil pastels though.

On the sea – Oil pastel on paper, Egmond on zee

Landscapes and scenes

Whilst at a work conference in the Netherlands I left the safety of my hotel room in Egmond on Zee to see if I could get some oil pastel sketching done. The wind was so strong I had to retreat back to my hotel room and sketch from there. Back in the warmth I remember thinking it was good that I had at least felt those elements before hand since it really helped capture the threat those waves had. Hope you feel it to.

Life Circle – Candid Arts Trust – 20/02/2019

Life Drawing and Painting

The life circle this week was of the dynamic Andrew Crawford. I also fitted in the time to include a fellow painter to add to the composition. (Acrylic on Canvasboard)

Also below see the quick(ish) poses.