Pleinair at the Languedoc gite – May 2019 sittings

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The reflection of the neighbors house was very bright whilst looking up from the old bakery in the morning. The second piece I’ve been laboring on during my week en Languedoc. I only had two real sittings of this, where I would wake up to capture the 10am – 12pm window. In the afternoon I was perched just on that ledge above the blue door under the arches drawing down into were I’m looking here. This village has so much more to paint: I could have been there a month

Lakeside at Pont du Diable – Acrylic on paper

Landscapes and scenes, Landscapes and scenes, Pleinair

Painting a much calmer scene than there actually was at the Pont du Diable in Languedoc, France. Whilst the family settled down to swim and sunbathe I used paper for this because I thought we could move at anytime and I knew it was going to be rushed. After all it turned out I was going to have more time but the sense of urgency really aided the process. I must try more rapid paintings.

Sketchbook – Vitosha oil pastel study

Landscapes and scenes, Landscapes and scenes, Pleinair

A quick oil pastel from the balcony on a Sunday afternoon. I’m lucky to have Vitosha as a subject at anytime

Vitosha, autumn light study – 29/01/2018

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My colour and light oil study from The London Art Academy painting techniques exploration course. Not the best in class by a long shot but I pushed it for something that looks ok ish – if not a little ‘my first painting’ esqe. Task was to apply colour from photo to explore contrast and to relay colour information from memory using photo as ref. In many places I have failed to relay the cold shadows I was going for AND there are some strange shapes that make no sense to me whatsoever. Some how a feeling is passed to the observer which means there is something there yet to understand.