Pleinair at the Languedoc gite – May 2019 sittings

Landscapes and scenes, Pleinair

The reflection of the neighbors house was very bright whilst looking up from the old bakery in the morning. The second piece I’ve been laboring on during my week en Languedoc. I only had two real sittings of this, where I would wake up to capture the 10am – 12pm window. In the afternoon I was perched just on that ledge above the blue door under the arches drawing down into were I’m looking here. This village has so much more to paint: I could have been there a month

Lakeside at Pont du Diable – Acrylic on paper

Landscapes and scenes, Landscapes and scenes, Pleinair

Painting a much calmer scene than there actually was at the Pont du Diable in Languedoc, France. Whilst the family settled down to swim and sunbathe I used paper for this because I thought we could move at anytime and I knew it was going to be rushed. After all it turned out I was going to have more time but the sense of urgency really aided the process. I must try more rapid paintings.

Islington canal 2019 – Lost

Landscapes and scenes

It was changeable weather at my favorite canal spot. I loved it more with the sun shining through. There were lots of pleasant passers by as well. I took this back to work on aswell and it was starting to look good. Unfortunately it was one of the paintings lost when I transferred my easel and other pieces over to Bulgaria. I’ll obviously start on this again but I can only hope that it turns up one day at Luton airport.

London Colney bridge – Ben Saunders

Landscapes and scenes

Tackling a childhood spot. The greens during this sitting were otherworldly.

City from Walthamstow

Landscapes and scenes, Pleinair
‘City from Walthamstow’ – Ben Saunders (Acrylic on board – 40 x 40 cm)

Painting a distant horizon from St James Park, Walthamstow. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what that pointy building was. I settled on the Shard obviously BUT was still curious . Whilst taking the overground into Liverpool Street the next day it turns out it’s The Guerkin, The Walkie Talkie and The Shard blended together in silhouette. Will have to settle on finishing this. One day.

Hoop in the dusk – Candid Art lifedrawing (04/04/2019)

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Standing in the dusk – The longer pose painting from Candidarts Arts lifedrawing last night. Most of all I wanted to capture the blue of the dusk in the windows behind him so I started there. The yellow hoop was clearly a blessing, given my chosen canvas shape. I’m overhaul happy with this blessing of a composition. Perfect time to end the circle series, for now. There doesn’t seem to be any circle canvas boards left in the shops anyway 

Life Circle – Candid Arts Trust – 20/02/2019

Life Drawing and Painting

The life circle this week was of the dynamic Andrew Crawford. I also fitted in the time to include a fellow painter to add to the composition. (Acrylic on Canvasboard)

Also below see the quick(ish) poses.

Life Circle – Candid Arts Trust – 06/02/2019

Life Drawing and Painting

Yearning for comfort – Yesterday’s life circle. Better viewed under low light because I inadvertently got myself trapped in the studio dark spot. The pose really lent itself to the circle. That hunch flowed around to the stick, which segments the image. I’m happy with the sense of fragility in this painting

Parallax Art Fair – Chelsea, London – 23/24 February 2019


Confident that I have at least a body of landscapes that I’m happy with I decided to get some wall space at The Parallax Art Fair. With my commercial awareness hat firmly on I strolled into this with plenty enthusiasm. I came out the other side slightly bruised but warm inside nonetheless.

I have an immense fondness for the landscapes created in 2018, which you’ll see from the photos below. The limited addition 20/20 prints aren’t too shabby either.